Intel warned Chinese about Spectre and Meltdown before the Americans
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US spooks read about it in the tech press

Chipzilla warned specific customers, including Chinese tech firms, of the Spectre and Meltdown security flaws before notifying the US government.

OnePlus sent data back to China again
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OnePlus still phones home

In October 2017, a researcher caught OnePlus silently collecting all sorts of data from its users. That created a bit of a stink and OnePlus promised it would not happen. But it seems there's still a OnePlus app that can grab data from the phone and send it to servers in China without a user's knowledge or consent.

Apple starts to kill off its server functionality
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In other news, iOS still had a server functionality

The Fruity Cargo cult Apple is finally giving up on its server based flavours of OS X.

Trump considers nationalising 5G network
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We didn't see this one coming

You don't usually expect the Right to nationalise anything, but Donald (Prince of Orange) is thinking about nationalising the 5G network to make America great again.

One of the world’s first freelance programmers logs off
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She was also the web's grannie

Computer scientist Mary Lee Berners-Lee has died after a life which saw her as a champion for equal pay, the world’s first freelance programmer and the mother of the bloke who invented the world wide web. She was 93.

DT, Intel and Huawei have tested 5G using 3GPP R15
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On target for 2019 5G adoption

Deutsche Telekom (DT), Intel and Huawei have been working on what they have been calling the world's first 5G interoperability and development testing (IODT) based on the 3GPP R15 Standard with a commercial base station.

IBM finds a move towards biometric security
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Passwords only for the old

People now prioritise security over convenience when logging into applications and devices, according to a new IBM Security report.

Western Digital results remove fears of memory chip downturn
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Everything is great

Western Digital has provided strong profit forecasts for the current quarter and the full year and said the flash memory market would grow faster this year.

Dell plans more acquistions
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It has not stopped growing yet

Michael Dell's private PC empire is continuing to grow, and it seems that he is not happy with what he has.

Hotmail users more likely to crash cars
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Insurer charges more for Hotmail users

One of Britain's biggest car insurers has admitted increasing premiums for drivers who apply using a Hotmail account.