Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scapegoating me
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Cambridge University academic said he was assured his work was legal

A Cambridge University academic who harvested data on millions of Facebook users said he had been made a scapegoat by the social network and a UK-based political consultancy that is accused of trying to sway public opinion for Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump.

LG releases open-sourced version of webOS
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Wants it adopted beyond LG tellies

LG just released an open-sourced version of webOS which it hopes will drive further adoption of webOS beyond LG televisions, smart refrigerators, and the never-released smartwatch.

First Atari console in 20 years has a name
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Atari VCS expected to be seen later this week

The new Ataribox which no one knows much about has been officially named the Atari VCS, which still no one knows much about.

Business users get their paws on Watson
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To build Mobile AI for the great unwashed

IBM has launched Watson Assistant, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered voice assistant for businesses to package to consumers.

AMD releases real-time ray tracing support for ProRender
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And Radeon GPU Profiler 1.2.

AMD has announced real-time ray tracing support for the company's ProRender rendering engine, and Radeon GPU Profiler 1.2.

BlackBerry must face lawsuit over its Blackberry 10
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The case will not go away

A US judge rejected BlackBerry request to dismiss a lawsuit claiming it inflated its stock price and defrauded shareholders by painting a misleadingly positive picture of sales prospects for its BlackBerry 10.

Microsoft steps in to help open source with its licensing
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Gamekeepers helps poachers

Software King of the World Microsoft is joining Red Hat, Facebook, Google and IBM in helping the open source movement how it can sort out its licensing woes.

IBM builds smallest computer
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Can't touch this

IBM has been showing off what it calls the world's smallest computer.

IBM wants total power in the datacentre
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All your datacentres should belong to Big Blue

IBM is quietly confident that its new POWER chip can sweep ARM and x86 out of the datacentre market.

YouTube has a neo-Nazi problem
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Neo-Nazis discover the power of music

A BBC investigation has found how neo-Nazis have been able to take over YouTube by using hate music which YouTube has been powerless to stop.