UK accuses Russia of spying attacks
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NotPetya came from Russia

Britain has named and shamed Russia for a cyber-attack last year, publicly pointing the finger at Moscow for spreading a virus which disrupted companies across Europe including UK-based Reckitt Benckiser.

ZTE hits back at US spying claims
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We ain't no Chinese spies

ZTE has counter attacked against concerns from US lawmakers that it is a vehicle for Chinese espionage, saying it was a trusted partner of its US  customers.

Kaspersky sues over US government persecution
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Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab has filed a lawsuit targeting the second of two federal bans on its wares. The latest suit goes after language in a defence law explicitly blocking the purchase of Kaspersky products. An earlier suit targets a Homeland Security directive doing the same thing.

Homehub is the destroyer of wooden objects
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Don't stick it on your desk or anywhere useful

Apple's overpriced, overhyped speakers have a feature that Amazon, and Google don't – they destroy anything wooden they are placed on.

Another quantum breakthrough tips up
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The quantum cat is out of the bag and in the box

Boffins from two teams now working with Intel have reported advances in a new quantum computing architecture, called spin qubits.

AMD wins as Dell goes EPYC
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Three new PowerEdge servers get AMD EPYC 7000

AMD has scored another major win as Dell EMC has signed up for its EPYC data centre processors.

Alexa will get Amazon's own custom chips
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Watch out Nvidia and Intel

Amazon is designing a custom artificial intelligence chip that would power future Echo devices and improve the quality and response time of its Alexa voice assistant.

Microsoft reveals blockchain plans
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Microsoft Authenticator app being tested

Software King of the World Microsoft has been talking about its plans to use blockchain distributed-ledger technologies to store and manage digital identities securely.

Gates warns other tech companies of Microsoft style arrogance
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Don't do what we did

Bill Gates warned other tech giants that they risk the kind of nightmarish government intervention that once plagued Microsoft if they continue to act arrogantly.

Cloudflare sees off Troll
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Judge unhappy with weaponised patent

A federal judge in San Francisco has ruled against a patent troll called Blackbird that had sued Cloudflare for patent infringement.