Intel faces another CPU bug
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Found it all by itself 

Intel has fixed a hole in the configuration of several CPU series that allow an attacker to alter the behaviour of the chip's SPI Flash memory.

It is OK to scrape in the US
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Even if a site says you can't

A district court in Washington, D.C. has ruled that using automated tools to access publicly available information on the open web is not a computer crime—even when a website bans automated access in its terms of service.

Huawei's foldable smartphone out in November
Published in Mobiles

Looks like it will have the world's first

While Apple Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, LG are all reported to be working on a foldable smartphone, the dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which claims they will all be beaten to the punch by Huawei.

Qualcomm backing a 4G budget laptop
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Working with Indian telco

Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio is rumoured to be working with chipset maker Qualcomm to launch a laptop with 4G connectivity in India.

Jacobs's long-shot Qualcomm bid gathers steam
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Wants to take Qualcomm private

Paul Jacobs, who was ousted as Qualcomm's chairman in March,is doing better at attracting people interested in his cunning plan to take the chipmaker private than many expected.

Apple's Siri starts telling jokes
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It is as terrible as you would expect

Fruity cargo cult Apple has decided that no one will notice how bad its out of date AI Sir is if they allow her to start telling jokes.

UK conducts cyber attack on Islamic State
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Seven TRS-80s and a couple of macs burst into flames

Blighty is claiming to have conducted a "major offensive cyber-campaign" against the Islamic State death cult.

Apple starts pulling support for 32 bit apps
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Backwards compatiblity is for proper computers

Apple has begun warning its users that their favourite 32-bit apps will soon not work on MacOS.

IBM’s new mainframe headed for the clouds
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Capable of processing 850 million fully encrypted transactions per day per day

Big Blue has been showing off two new mainframe systems which are widely seen as its latest attempt to get its hardware into cloud data centres.

Chip demand for Chinese handsets picking up
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MediaTek laughing 

Chip demand from China-based handset companies is picking up and it appears that the likes of MediaTek are going to be laughing all the way to the bank.