Former Intel woman guns for Chipzilla with ARM chips
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James targets Intel's data centre market

Intel has been doing well thanks to its datacentre market, but that could vanish if the company's former president has anything to do with it.

Intel makes sensible AR glasses
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They just laser your eyeballs

Chipzilla has created a pair of experimental smartglasses which are sensible.

Samsung signs chip deal with the Chinese
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Might create a DRAM unit in China

China’s state planner and South Korea’s Samsung have signed a memorandum of understanding for further cooperation on semiconductors.

Broadcom raises Qualcomm bid
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$121 billion is our best and final offer.

Broadcom has made a $121 billion “best and final offer” to acquire Qualcomm.

New Jersey creates its own net neutrality law
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Stepping in when central government fails

The polite and reserved people of New Jersey have collectively stuck two fingers up at the Republican-controlled FCC for trying to kill off net neutrality so that the telephone monopolies can build a two-tier internet.

iPhone X can’t make more than 15 phone calls
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You get what you pay for

If you paid out more than a $1,200 for an iPhone which similar features to one half the price you would expect it to make phone calls without borking? Apparently not.

Apple HomePod pre-orders sell out
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There is one born every minute

Apple fanboys have managed to make the sale of the HomePod a success according to the Apple fanzine the Inquirer.

Tablet sales reach a new low
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So much for game changers

The market for game-changing, super cool keyboardless netbooks is slumping lower than Donald Trump’s approval rating amongst educated black women.

Microsoft sells lower spec, cheaper Surface
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Cheaper and slower

Software King of the World Microsoft has launched a new version of its Surface Laptop with a price tag of $799.

Broadcom plans to raise Qualcomm bid
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$120 billion offer

Broadcom plans to unveil a new  $120 billion offer for Qualcomm in an attempt to pressure the US rival to the negotiating table.