Right-wing blogs wade into Fiorina's HP past
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Deals which come back to haunt you

Now that the former HP queen Carly Fiorina's presidential campaign seems to be doing well, some of the right wing blogs are digging up some old stories on her HP past.

Apple update bricks older phones
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You do have to wipe everything

Fruity cargo cult Apple has continued its war on customers who don't upgrade by bricking older phones until customers restore them to factory settings.

AMD tells us about its carbon footprint
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Something nice to say about the A-series

Results of an AMD carbon footprint analysis of its 6th Generation A-Series APU, codenamed "Carrizo", show that using the new processor can result in a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the previous generation.

HiSilicon becomes SMIC's 28nm customer
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Good yield on 28 nm 

HiSilicon, which is an outfit created by Broadcom and Huawei, has signed up for SMIC's process technology.

MicroStar releases Skylake mainboard
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Cheap, but Night Elf does not support overclocking

MicroStar is showing off its new mainboard for Intel's Skylake processors.

Linux Vulkan will be closed source
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At least for now 

AMD has confirmed that although it has a Linux driver for its Vulkan card it will initially be closed source.

Iphone 6S sales slumping
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18 September 2015

Iphone 6S sales slumping

Despite stories telling you otherwise

The Tame Apple Press has been flat out claiming that the iPhone 6S is doing really well, based on the word of Apple CEO Tim Cook – however one analyst is unconvinced.

Apple stuffs up iOS update
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New "crashes" function

Apple customers are daring to complain after the new iOS 9 operating system which they got for free shipped with a super cool, game changing, crash your iPhone feature.

Outcry as Navy orders Apple fanboys to smash their phones
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Security threat

The Tame Apple Press is furious after Royal Thai Navy ordered a bunch of useless seamen to smash their iPhones and then videoed the whole thing as a warning to others.

Cortana refuses to work for Nadella
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Got on better with Ballmer

Cortana might be pretty good at its job but it seems that it folds whenever the boss is around. In fact, it not only folds it shows him up completely.