Android calls in Vulkan support
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Live long and prosper

Android to get a graphics boost with a low-overhead rendering API named after a pointy eared star trek hero or a British bomber depending whether you are a trekky or a military buff.

UK Apple fanboys in UK government cover-up
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Cabinet office keeps faith at taxpayers' expense

The UK Cabinet office is at the centre of a scandal in which civil servants fed their religious obligation to Apple on the taxpayers' dime and then cover it up.

AU Optronics flogs family silver
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Earns $25.6 million

TFT-LCD panel maker AU Optronics has been flogging off a factory housing a 3.5G production line, to Wistron.

Microsoft gives RT a make over
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Lipstick on a pig

Microsoft is about to upgrade Windows RT 8.1 and give its users a handful of new features.

Windows 10 will replace eight soon
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Did in two weeks what eight did in six months

Windows 10 has grown faster in two weeks than its predecessor did in six months and it will probably replace the older OS in a few months.

Quanta shows that notebooks ain't dead yet
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Down but better than last year

Notebook ODM Quanta Computer has proven that there is still some life in the notebook market.

Google becomes Alphabet killer
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Surprise restructuring

Google has surprised everyone by creating a new parent company called Alphabet.

Google to step up Android One pressure to India
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Good deal

Google plans to press on with push its Android One cut-price smartphone project in India.

Intel puts Xeons into notebooks
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Because notebooks behave like servers

Chipzilla has decided that every laptop owner really wants a Xeon server processor under the hood.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 990M GPU for notebooks
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N16E-GXX is not a Star fleet designation

We heard a rumour that Nvidia was working on something called an N16E-GXX and thought it might be something Star Treky.