Qualcomm beats Wall Street’s estimates
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Looks like Apple not paying its bills could not stop it

Qualcomm beat Wall Street estimates across the board for its first quarter earnings on Wednesday.

UK snooper's charter is illegal
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No oversight

UK judges have ruled that the British government's digital surveillance programme is illegal.

SK Hynix’s catalogue includes 16 Gb DDR4 Chips
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Higher capacity memory modules with fewer chips

SK Hynix has added single-die DDR4 memory chips featuring 16 Gb capacity to its product catalogue which means the outfit can build high capacity memory modules using fewer chips. It can also construct 256 GB DDR4 memory modules for ultra-high-end servers.

Switch sales helped Nintendo's bottom line
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Best profit in eight years

The former maker of playing cards Nintendo reported its biggest third quarter operating profit in eight years, driven by smashing demand for its new Switch games console.

Samsung made loads a money
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Will split its stock

Samsung announced its first stock split as it expects demand for semiconductors to remain firm in 2018, while it posted record annual profit driven by a memory chip “super-cycle”.

Apple will delay iOS release
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Wants to tackle quality and security issues

Fruity cargo cult Apple will delay the release of its iOS software this year in a bid to sort some of its comedy programming issues.

Apple under criminal investigation for throttling
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DoJ and Securities and Exchange Commission want an explanation

It seems that Apple’s battery throttling antics have sparked a criminal investigation.

US government strong arms telcos to abandon Huawei
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Verizon surrenders

US telcos are under government pressure to stop offering to sell Huawei phones.

Xerox to combine with Fujifilm
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Hopes to see off shareholder revolt

Xerox is close to agreeing on a deal that would combine the printer and photocopier company with Japan’s Fujifilm in a bid to revive its fortunes and thwart an activist shareholder revolt.

SAP  invests more in clouds
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Strategic transition in Callidus

The maker of expensive management software which is so esoteric few people know what it does has decided to invest $2.4 billion to get more practical about clouds.