ASRock unveils its Phantom Gaming graphics card lineup
Published in Graphics

With the entire Radeon RX 500 series lineup

We have already seen teasers for ASRock's venture into the graphics card market and the company has now officially announced its first Radeon RX 500 series graphics cards that will be a part of its Phantom Gaming lineup.

Trump goes for Amazon's jugular
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President goes postal

The president of the United States read out a litany of complaints against Amazon using his usual transmission mode, Twitter.

G.Skill overclocks its DDR4 kit to 5000MHz on air
Published in Memory

Dual-channel Trident Z DDR4 kit running at 5000MHz

G.Skill sent out a new press notice announcing that it managed to hit DDR4-5000MHz overclocked setting running on just air by using its Trident Z DDR4 memory kit based on Samsung B-die ICs.

Apple takes Qualcomm case to the UK courts
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Lawyers look to make a lot of money

Fruity cargo cult Apple appears to be attempting to ratchet up the pressure on Qualcomm by taking its case against the company to as many courts as possible.

Nokia continues to cut Finnish jobs
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Still restructuring

The former maker of rubber boots, Nokia, has cut 353 jobs in its home market Finland due to a weak global network market and as part of its global cost-savings plan.

Nvidia denies its tech was involved in Uber crash
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We are partners, but they only use our chips. 

Nvidia has rushed to avoid the train wreck which is Uber's self-driving car by saying that the outfit did not use its self-driving tech.

Ecuador shuts up Assange
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Stop talking, you are embarrassing us

Ecuador’s government is cutting off WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s communications outside the nation’s London embassy.

Verizon to release a Palm phone
Published in Mobiles

For the second half of the year

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn that a Palm branded smartphone will be launching on Verizon in the second half of the year.

Boeing hit by WannaCry
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Apparently, fears that plane production could grind to a halt proved groundless

Boeing feared that its plane production could grind to a halt after the WannaCry computer virus infected it.

Israeli boffins come up with terahertz microchips
Published in Processors

Flash inside

Physicist Dr Uriel Levy and his team have emerged from his lightning struck tower in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem having created a proof of concept for a working terahertz microchip.