Snapdragon X24 is the first 7nm 2Gbps modem
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316.58 Mbps upload, double from 2017

Back in October Fudzilla asked Cristiano Amon, now President and Alex Katouzian VP and general manager of the mobile business at Qualcomm about the future of Gigabit LTE modems and we got a clear indication that things will be faster using the 1.2 GHz Snapdragon X20. The company has just announced that the Snapdragon X24 is the first 7nm chip and not only that, it supports 2Gbps speeds.

AMD wins as Dell goes EPYC
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Three new PowerEdge servers get AMD EPYC 7000

AMD has scored another major win as Dell EMC has signed up for its EPYC data centre processors.

Alexa will get Amazon's own custom chips
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Watch out Nvidia and Intel

Amazon is designing a custom artificial intelligence chip that would power future Echo devices and improve the quality and response time of its Alexa voice assistant.

Microsoft reveals blockchain plans
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Microsoft Authenticator app being tested

Software King of the World Microsoft has been talking about its plans to use blockchain distributed-ledger technologies to store and manage digital identities securely.

Gates warns other tech companies of Microsoft style arrogance
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Don't do what we did

Bill Gates warned other tech giants that they risk the kind of nightmarish government intervention that once plagued Microsoft if they continue to act arrogantly.

Godot 3.0 Released
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14 February 2018

Godot 3.0 Released

No more Waiting for Godot

Unity and Unreal have a new contender to deal with and its name is Godot. After over 18 months of development the Godot team released Godot 3.0, reworking the core almost in its entirety. Juan Linietsky, Godot's founder and lead developer, isn't being shy about the projected sucess of Godot either, claiming it is "ready for the big leagues" and that it is "in the same league as the current big, commercial [game engines]".

Snapdragon 670 is 10 nm mainstream
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2+6 cores mainstream

Qualcomm is gaining traction with its 600 series chipsets and it is about to announce a new one. The Snapdragon 670 comes with dual high-end CPUs and six energy efficient ones, all in 10nm.

Cloudflare sees off Troll
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Judge unhappy with weaponised patent

A federal judge in San Francisco has ruled against a patent troll called Blackbird that had sued Cloudflare for patent infringement.

Assange gets a dose of legal reality
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Judge says he lacks courage and does not want to face consequences

Julian Assange has been given a sharp lesson in the reality of law when his actions were forensically pulled apart by District Court Judge Emma Arbuthnot in a 30 minute judgment.

Consumer Reports rubbishes HomePod
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Countering the Tame Apple Press

The Tame Apple Press is doing its best to flog Apple's overpriced mono speaker by saying that the sound quality is equal to $1,000 speakers. However, the Consumer Reports magazine is having none of that and is warning punters to ignore the hype.