Alibaba and MediaTek team up on AI
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Smartmesh for the Internet of Things

Alibaba A.I. Labs, which leads the development of Alibaba's consumer AI, has announced that it is teaming up with MediaTek on Internet of Things projects.

Qualcomm announces new QCC5100 low-power Bluetooth SoC
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More features and longer battery life for wireless earbuds

Qualcomms said it will make QCC5100 Bluetooth SoC, and likely will provide more processing power as well as lower power consumption for wireless headphones and "hearables".

Gigabyte's X470 motherboard spotted on CES floor
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Better VRM, two M.2 slots and more

Although it is scheduled to launch in April, together with the second generation Ryzen desktop CPUs,  AMD's upcoming X470 chipset motherboard has already been seen at the CES 2018 show in Las Vegas.

AMD announces Ryzen desktop CPU with Radeon Vega graphics
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Two desktop APUs launching on February 12th

AMD took the CES 2018 show by storm, revealing a lot of information regarding its GPU and CPU futures as well as some of the upcoming new products, including its  desktop APUs.

AMD 2nd generation Ryzen comes in April 2018
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Based on Zen+ architecture

In addition to revealing a few more plans about its GPU side of things, AMD has announced its 2nd generation Ryzen CPUs is likely to launch in April this year.

Google sued for discriminating against white men
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Because white men have such a tough time

Google has found itself in a rather amusing predicament. Normally it is accused of favouring white men over women and racial minorities in its hiring. Now it is going to court to defend itself against a white male who claims he has been discriminated against.

Apple investigated for “planned obsolescence”
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French do not like the idea of battery throttling

Officer of the lure, Inspector Clouseau, is taking on his biggest case to bring down the fruity cargo cult Apple.

IBM still breaking patent records
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Still inventing like a mad thing

While the media attention has shifted away from Biggish Blue in the hardware world, there are signs that the company is still quietly getting on with it and inventing things.

Nuvias gives top five cloud predictions
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Everything will be cloud based

Karl Roe, VP Services & Cloud Solutions at Nuvias, has been shuffling his tarot cards and made a stab at predicting what’s in store for organisations using the cloud in 2018. He thinks it will be a big year for cloudy companies.

Intel CEO talks about Spectres, meltdowns, drones and cars
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CES 2018 keynote

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is not avoiding talking about the Spectre and Meltdown bugs. At his opening keynote at CES 2018 Krzanich tackled the issue from the start.