AMD hires ex-Micron chieftain
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The semiconductor man

Advanced Micro Devices has made the ex-CEO of Micron a director on its board.

Microsoft officially unveils Surface Pro with LTE
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Coming in December and starting at US $1,149

Just as expected, Microsoft has now officially unveiled its new Surface Pro with LTE Advanced at an event in London, packing Qualcomm's Snapdragon X16 LTE modem, Intel Core i5 chip and 12.3-inch 3:2 PixelSense screen.

Gigabyte unveils mini-ITX Z370N WiFi motherboard
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With plenty of features

Gigabyte has unveiled a rather interesting motherboard that will be a part of its lineup based on Intel's latest Z370 chipset, the mini-ITX Z370N WiFi.

MediaTek’s gross margin up
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Net profits soar

MediaTek saw its gross margin rise to 36.4 percent in the third quarter from 35 percent in the second, while net profits soared 129 percent sequentially to $167.8 million.

Sony profits rise
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01 November 2017

Sony profits rise

Record earnings after restructuring

Sony shares soared to a nine year high after it forecast record earnings.

Microsoft presentation gives up on Edge
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Installs Chrome instead

A Microsoft engineer carrying out a demo before assorted hacks had to abandon his Edge browser and install Chrome after his Vole-approved default browser froze.

Microsoft sued for discriminating against women
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This is fast getting out of control

The outfit whose CEO once said women could obtain good karma for taking lower salaries than men is being sued in a court case which is getting bigger by the day.

WikiTribune is already biased
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You probably were not expecting this

When Wackypedia’s Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, said he would be launching a neutral news service which could be edited by his crack team of fake penis experts with fake doctorates with chips on their shoulders, most of us laughed.

iPhone X reviews mostly from celebrities
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“Limited reviews” from those who know what they are talking about

The fruity cargo cult Apple has been attempting to manipulate reviews for the iPhone X by giving review phones only to those who are ignorant about technology.

Verizon wants to stop states protecting consumer privacy
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Wagging the watchdog's tail

Showing the mood of the US telcos, Verizon sent a letter and white paper to the FCC, demanding that the regulator step in to stop States regulating against telco’s snooping on citizens.