Chipzilla releases "Gemini Lake" Pentium and Celeron CPUs
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New and improved but still 14nm

Intel has released its new "Gemini Lake" Pentium and Celeron budget dual and quadcore systems on a chip.

Samsung makes the world’s smallest DRAM
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Second-generation 10-nanometre class, 8-gigabit DRAM chips

Samsung Electronics claims it has developed the world’s smallest DRAM chip, widening its technical lead on competitors.

Dear Apple, the Mac I bought from your genius store is on the friz again and I am unable to defeat even Microsoft in my cladestine hacking war against the US. You told me that Apple was superior!  Love and Kisses Kim
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Hackers met their match

Facebook and Microsoft took on and defeated several North Korean cyber threats last week, a White House official said.

High end phones in 2019 will be 5G NR
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Most of them

We are wrapping up an exciting 2017 and we are about to kick start 2018 with a high speed  CES  in early January. But what about 2019? According to well-placed industry sources, most phones launching in 2019 will be able to support 5G NR.

Uber loses key European battle
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It can be regulated

The US app-based taxi company Uber has lost a crucial court battle in Europe which could see it being regulated in all member states.

Nvidia will have two big GPUs in 2018
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Ampere and the gaming GPU

There have been many reports that Nvidia’s next generation technology will be codenamed Ampere and we want to set one thing straight. The successor of Volta is an AI/ML chip and not a GPU - just like Volta never was.

Logic Supply releases NUC with Dawon Canyon motherboard
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Seventh generation in your hand

Logic Supply has announced its latest fanless Intel based NUC –  the ML100G-31.

Honor 7X is in the shops
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5.93-inch edge-to-edge, bezel-less screen design

Honor today released the latest product in its flagship Honor X-series range for a rather good €299.

Broadcom may fire a third of Qualcomm staff
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Comment: This is not a merger it is an asset strip

It is starting to look like Broadcom's take over of Qualcomm will be less of a merger and more of an asset strip.

AOC introduces three G90 series gaming monitors
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24.5-inch and 27-inch 1080p, with 75Hz/144Hz refresh rate

AOC has announced three new G90 series affordable gaming monitors which will all feature a TN-panel with 1080p resolution, 3-sided frameless design, and support for AMD FreeSync technology, the 24.5-inch AOC G2590VXQ, 24.5-inch AOC G2590PX, and the 27-inch AOC G2790PX.