Apple seeks cheaper components for 'cheaper' iPhone
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You are not going to get what you pay for

Apple is seeking to push up the margins for its iPhone by getting cheaper components, according to Digitimes Research.

Spring Creators Update will take 30 minutes to install
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Better than one to two hours

Software King of the World Microsoft has sped up the amount of time it will take to upgrade its Windows 10 major feature upgrade.

US politicians try backdoor to take foreign data
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Bipartisan deal will force US Cloud companies to hand over data

Buried in a federal spending bill released late is bipartisan legislation to clarify a law that would require Cloud companies to hand over data stored overseas.

Impregnable French encryption surrenders to teen
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It was supposed to be impregnable

French security outfit Ledger has been making similar claims about its specialised hardware for storing cryptocurrencies to those that were made for the Maginot line in 1938. It seems that the gear has met a similar fate thanks to a flaw which was found and exploited by a 15 year old.

IBM CEO says 80 percent of data is not searchable
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IBM Think 2018: That is where AI can help

Ginni Rometty, the President and CEO of IBM, reminded us that the world we are living in has changed dramatically. Eighty percent of data created is not searchable and this is where AI can really help.