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Pano Logic introduces virtual Windows box

by on28 August 2007

Really tiny box

Pano Logic is about to launch its virtualization solution, the Pano. It's a tiny desktop client that hosts the ports, as it's CPU, memory and software derrived.

It connects to a server that's running a virtualization layer and then runs a copy of Windows, be it XP or Vista and then the Pano desktop services.

The devices itself features a D-sub connector, three USB ports, an RJ45 port for the integrated 10/100Mbit Ethernet interface and a headphone and microphone jack. It's the ideal solution for those that don't need a powerful PC and the Pano aparently only draws 3 percent of the power of a desktop PC.

It looks rather stylish and it has to be one of the smallest desktop clients ever. It would be interesting to see how well this solution performs, as it's the first of its kind.

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