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New and improved GPS by 2013

by on29 August 2007


First Block III offers better accuracy 

A consortium by Lockheed Martin has submitted an offer to build the next generation GPS system.

The program is known as GPS Block III and should improve accuracy, reliability, security and improve anti-jam capabilities.

Lockheed Martin developed the current GPS system, which uses a 21 satellite constellation, consisting of Block IIR satellites, to provide military and civilian users with unprecedented navigation capabilities.

Under the deal first GPS IIIA satellites should be launched in 2013. Eight GPS IIIB, and 16 GPS IIIC satellites are planned for later dates, with upgrades based on the latest available technology.

The US GPS system faces competition from the European Galileo and Russian Glonass systems. However, these non-US systems are still under development and work on them is progressing rather slowly.

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