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ATM blasting Aussies on trial

by on29 August 2007


Googled their way into jail

A gang of Australian youths accused of planning to blow up ATMs using nitroglycerine bombs is on trial today.

Criminal plans tend to go downhill when you choose to google for just about anything you need, since you're leaving a conspicuos path for the authorities to follow.

These guys obviously didn't quite get that, so they ordered 23 liters of bomb making chemichals last month, which was enough to make 40 kilos of explosives. The young criminal masterminds than searched for guides to making explosives too.

And if that wasn't enough they then went on to google terms such "how to blow up ATM machines" and "how much money is kept in bank ATMs". The final touch was visiting a site called "How to blow up ATM machines".

In one of the intercepts one of the youth, aged 19, said he couldn't wait until he parked his Porsche in front a popular night club in the area. I doubt he'll be driving anything any time soon, except maybe the prison book cart.

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