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Microsoft admits Vista WGM has been hacked

by on13 April 2007


No plans to deal with the threat

Microsoft has confirmed that Vista's Genuine Advantage system has been hacked enabling the operating system to be pirated. However Redmond says that it has no plans to do anything about it yet as the hacks do not pose a threat to customers.

According to a post by Microsoft Senior Product Manager Alex Kochis on the Windows developers' blog, there are two ways hackers have broken the product activation security feature on original equipment manufacturer OEM PCs that come bundled with Vista.

He did not confirm which hacks they were, however last month a crack called "Vista Loader 2.0," an enhanced version of the "Vista Loader 1.0" that was devised by Chinese hackers. This simulates an OEM motherboard's basic input-output system and the registration process that would normally lock out an unauthorised copy is bypassed.

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