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Yahoo! poisons the well

by on20 February 2008


Microsoft plans to take deal to shareholders

is attempting to make itself as unattractive to Microsoft as possible by bringing in a new staff clause that will make it impossible for a new company to fire anyone.

The move has been done as Microsoft is getting ready to take its bid for Yahoo! right to the Web portal's shareholders. Microsoft has hired proxy solicitation group, Innisfree, to help oust Yahoo!'s 10-member board.

Under the Web portal and search company's new severance plans, workers will stay on board even if the company changes hands. If Microsoft takes over, they will not be able to move Yahoo! staff to Redmond. The idea is that it will raise the overall cost of integrating the two companies.

Microsoft has said it will offer significant retention packages to Yahoo! engineers and other key employees, including some executives. However, it has not said how many jobs will go if the companies combined.
Last modified on 21 February 2008
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