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Fletch could be last release on HD DVD

by on21 February 2008

Universal doesn't have any additional titles

As we told you yesterday, Universal Studios has now made it official that they are moving to Blu-ray, but they did not elaborate on their plans for HD DVD going forward.  The highly anticipated Universal exclusive HD DVD title American Gangster has made its way into stores, but the only other HD DVD title that Universal currently has announced for HD DVD is Fletch, which has been announced for release on March 11th.

If you consider how much of a supporter Universal was of HD DVD, it is hard to believe that they would just stop releasing titles on HD DVD without at least some warning period, but considering that the sales of HD DVD have not been that great, Universal may simply choose to just cut their losses. As things stand today, Fletch could be the last title from Universal to make it to HD DVD.

Last modified on 21 February 2008
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