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IT pros should soften up

by on25 August 2011

Need broader skills
IT types who want to make piles of dosh should brush up on skills that have nothing to do with the computer, according to a new report. finds that 76 per cent of people feel a lack of soft skills, such as people management and business acumen, is preventing them and their peers from taking board level roles.

Specialist IT recruitment website CWJobs conducted research among over 1,000 jobseekers exploring requisite skills in the IT sector, and found that 93 per cent think that they would be more valuable to businesses if they possessed better soft skills. A further 86 per cent feel their employment prospects would be improved if they demonstrated soft skills when job hunting. While many IT professionals may feel confident applying their technical knowledge and experience at work, people management followed by business and financial awareness, are the skills that they feel they’re lacking the most.

Martin Dangerfield, Talent Acquisition Manager at Symantec stated that although it’s important for IT professionals to have strong security skills, “consumer facing engagement is the most important skill”, highlighting the importance of soft skills in addition to the necessary technical skills. In other words IT people have to know how to deal with customers better and stop calling them names and swearing at them.

Richard Nott, Website Director at CWJobs said that IT department plays a crucial role in the efficiency and effectiveness of a business. IT pros need to be equipped with the skills needed to progress to a board level role within an organisation.

His research also found that 84 per cent of IT pros don’t think employers give them enough training in soft skills, which is something senior managers and HR departments need to address.

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