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U.S. technology firms continue hiring, despite automation

by on24 January 2012

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131,000 jobs added in 2011

Despite the fact that U.S. technology companies have increased their investments in mechanical automation, the information technology industry has continued to hire workers, according to recent reports by Forrester and the National Science Foundation.

Americans are quick to blame perceived shrinks in technology employment to automation and the assembly of components migrating to overseas workers. Nevertheless, as more of the global economy moves online, the value of US-based employees in the last decade has nearly doubled, according to Forrester. Overall, the US tech industry has empoyed 3.2 million people by the end of 2011. Overall, this represented a net gain of 42,000 US-based workers compared to 2010 despite job losses in the telecom sector.

According to a few analysts, the US governmet may actually be having trouble tracking IT growth due to the creation of hybrid IT business employees - in other words, people who have a "combination of business technology knowledge and don't match government labor categories." Forrester ultimately predicts a continued rise in software and services employment in 2012 and sees technology purchases rising about 6-percent.

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