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Respawn title slated for March 2013

by on07 February 2012

No confirmation from EA Partners

The latest rumors surrounding the release of the first game from Zampella and West, who were formerly of Infinity Ward and now at the helm of their new company called Respawn, seem to be coming a little more into focus, unlike the screen shot on the Respawn web site.

The latest word is that the first Respawn title is expected for release in March 2013, which is about the same time frame as developer Insmniac’s first multiplatform title (which is called OverStrike). Respawn still has not given up any details on what the name of the title is or what they are working on, for that matter.

A number of rumors and a variety of sources seem to think Respawn is working on a new Sci-Fi-based FPS title with elements from a number of different FPS franchises. If true, the news could prove interesting; DICE is said to be working on a Battlefield 2142 sequel, said to be called Battlefield 2143, which also uses a sci-fi element as a backdrop for the game.

Whispers we are hearing are again talking about a trailer and announcement coming at E3 in June. This does make at least some reasonable sense if the game is planned for a March 2013 release.

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