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Brits are 'bored' with Apple and Facebook

by on22 March 2012

Do something new for god's sake

Reviews for Apple’s new iPad have proved to be the last straw for British punters who have had enough of having to buy a new toy every year. Marketing Magazine claims that British consumers are “suffering from fatigue when it comes to technology brands such as Apple and Facebook”.

Apparently the Apple brand is being seen as uncool again and sooooo 2010. The survey said that 22 percent of UK consumers are either “very bored” or “slightly bored” of gadget giant Apple. 40 percent say they are “indifferent” Jobs' Mob. Nearly half of the Marketing survey’s 2,000 respondents believed Apple’s new product development is too fast and there is too little difference between the models.

Consumers said they were unwilling to buy the latest gadgets now for fear that their devices “will be quickly superseded by updated versions”. The survey says what we have been telling the world about Jobs' Mob gear for ages.  Other than the six per cent who though Apple gear was cool, eight per cent felt it was “pretentious.” The survey also showing a rise in ‘Facebook fatigue’. More than a quarter of consumers surveyed said their life would be “better” without the social network.

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