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Core i3 Ivy Bridge desktop in Q3 2012

by on18 April 2012

Three SKUs, all 55W

We have already mentioned that Intel doesn’t plan to call any of its mobile Ivy Bridge processors Core i3 but the name stays for desktop parts, at least not now.

In the desktop space, Core i7 3000 chips are quad cores, with turbo overclocking and eight treads, Core i5 3000 are also quad-cores with turbo overclocking and four threads, while Core i3 parts have no turbo and are dual-cores.

The fastest Ivy Bridge Socket 1155 22nm Core i3 part is 3440, a 3.4GHz dual core with four threads, 3MB cache and DDR3 1600 support. As we said there is no turbo overclocking support but the HD 2500 graphics are clocked at 650MHz to 1050 MHz. All of Core i3 3000 series are 55W parts.

The runner up is Core i3 3225 a 3.3GHz clock and HD 4000 graphics while the rest of the spec is the same, 3MB cache, 55W, same TDP same graphics clocks. The slowest Core i3 3220 is the same as Core i3 3225 but it comes with HD 2500 inferior graphics. You know the story from mobile world, the quad core gets out first in late April, roughly next week while the dual cores will start ramping in late May early June.

You can expect these Core i3 3000 to start showing for back to school so any day after beginning of July is an option. 

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