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Report claims that home workers bunk off

by on26 June 2012

Because people never do that in an office

A new survey by Citrix shows that many people sneak in other activities while working from home.

Based on a survey of 1,013 American office workers, conducted in June by Wakefield Research, 43 percent watch TV or a movie and 20 percent play video games while officially working from home. Parents are more likely than those without children to partake in these two activities, which aren’t work-related.

Nearly a quarter admit that they have a drink or two and another quarter admit to falling asleep. Another  35 percent do household chores; 28 percent cook dinner. Strangely however  telecommuters are actually more productive than their peers in the office, according to preliminary findings from Stanford University’s study of a Chinese travel agency.

In other words going into an office means that you waste time commuting, and then spend most of the day doing rubbish because your boss is monitoring you. In short it does not matter if you get the job done what you do at home once it is finished.  It is just that autocratic nutcase bosses like to feel their egos are stroked if they have employees looking busy.

Fudzilla staff have been known to file copy in the pub, from the beach or in one strange situation under a tree while hiding from their mistress's husband.

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