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Google’s Motorola picks on iOS 6 maps

by on24 September 2012


Joins the riots of unhappy

The whole world is waiting for Apple to make a mistake and much to the excitement of many, it really happened.

Its faithful customers have pardoned the iPhone 4S and the fact it was just a superficial, Siri-talking improvement over the iPhone 4. Same goes for the fact that the actual iPhone 5 is exactly what we expected a year ago, but the new Apple maps are upsetting people all around the globe.

We had our own laugh when entire parts of a town in the Czech Republic were missing, despite the fact that these streets and blocks were built 11 years ago.

Apple maps are buggy and outdated, and it's so bad that Google-owned Motorola Mobility started to pick on them on its twitter page. You can see for yourself here.

They're not alone though, as the fiasco caused Appletons to wait in front of a wrong store. Taking the mickey soon gained traction, and rightfully so.  

We don’t think Apple has a quick fix for maps as these things usually take time, but it sure doesn’t look good on the company. We hope, for the sake of millions of iOS users, that it will come up with a maps application that everyone can use, but it’s not clear if and when this may happen.

Apple will get away with this, but not everyone is happy with the removal of Google maps as default on iOS and their obviously buggy, imperfect and inferior replacement.

Last modified on 24 September 2012
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