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EU outlaws Google privacy policy

by on16 October 2012

Go back to the drawing board

French data protection authority CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) has told Google to go back to he drawing board on its privacy policy that the company implemented in March.

CNIL was heading the investigation designed to look at whether the changes violated EU law.  Already Google had been warned by EU and US regulators not to introduce the policy until it was approved. Google ignored them and combined user data between all of its products, including Search, Gmail and Youtube.

With the scheme outlawed Google could face some heavy financial losses in the EU. Google should have expected this when the EU assigned the CNIL to handle the investigation. CNIL was one of the more aggressive EU regulators. Now, CNIL has reportedly deemed the Google privacy policy illegal, and will tell Google to separate the user data and re-introduce different privacy policies for each of its products.

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