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Foxconn invests in wearable cameras

by on24 December 2012

Can see workers as they fling themselves off buildings

Foxconn has decided to invest in GoPro wearable cameras. The technology was developed by Nick Woodman who wanted capture some close-up action shots and wasn’t able to with amateur camera gear.

Foxconn is a big fan of the technology. The giant Taiwanese manufacturer just bought a significant stake in Woodman Labs, making Nick Woodman a billionaire in the processes. Foxconn has written a cheque for an 8.88% stake in Woodman Labs for $200 million, valuing the San Mateo at $2.25 billion.

According to Woodman GoPro and Foxconn “share a vision of the future where content capture, creation and sharing will become an increasingly important form of communication.” While this might be true, Foxconn does make an unusual partner. The only use we can think it can use the technology for is to create interesting movies made by its employees as they fling themselves off buildings.

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