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BBC site makes Thatcher slip

by on09 April 2013

Irony lady killed by unions

The BBC made an ironic cock up when it came to reporting the death of Margaret Thatcher.

It was in such a hurry to break the news of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher's death, the BBC report claimed she had died of a "strike". Thatcher was famous for breaking the power of the UK unions so the implication on the UK’s premier news site that she might have died as a result of industrial action was seen as a bit ironic.

"Baroness Thatcher dies: Reaction as former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dies following a strike, her spokesman says," read the story. Lady Thatcher in fact died of a stroke on Monday night aged 87.

As one twitter pointed out, it looks like the unions have the last laugh after all. Thatcher was famously anti-IT and refused to touch a computer. This is about the only technology angle we can find. [More than enough. Ed]

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