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Redmond's entertainment division makes money

by on19 April 2013

Revenue up 56% since last year, says Microsoft

Microsoft’s Entertainment division has made some money. In fact, the company says that revenue is up 56 percent over last year. The Entertainment and Devices division of the company pulled in $2.53 billion, according to the latest financial call.

The Xbox Live user base continues to grow with the company, claiming that it now has over 46 million members worldwide. The company also managed to sell 1.3 million Xbox 360 consoles last quarter, and this was in what the company described as a soft console market.

The news is interesting, as it comes ahead of the company getting ready to officially announce its new Xbox Next console. The company didn’t comment on its future console plans during this financial call, but you would imagine that with revenue up 56%, things are not all bad for the future of the Entertainment division.

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