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Microsoft planning re-organisation

by on07 June 2013

Being planned by Ballmer

Software giant Microsoft is planning a major reorganisation, according to Forbes. Ballmer’s cunning plan is to help the company move toward becoming a “devices and services company,” as presented in the company’s annual shareholder letter last October.

There are a lot of things not going well for Microsoft. PC sales are still dropping and Redmond is still dependent on them. Microsoft hoped Windows 8 would reverse the trend. That has not happened. In fact Windows 8 has underperformed even Vista in what some are calling the worst launch in company history.

Win 8 still has fewer users than Vista, and at 4 per cent share a tenth that of market leaders Windows 7 and XP. Microsoft still has not made much of an impact on tablets and even its chums at Nokia are being pressured by shareholders to walk away from a deal with Ballmer.

It is not clear at the moment what Ballmer’s plans are. Redmond is a bit like the Game of Thrones television show and if he makes too many sweeping changes there will be a wedding planned and someone will lose their head or get shot with a crossbow while there are having a dump.

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