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Google Play Music all access available in Europe

by on08 August 2013

Some parts at least

Google’s all access music service launched in the US around Google IO back in June and now it is hitting some parts of the Europe.

As of yesterday Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, and the UK have the chance to give Google Play Music all access a try. All access means that you can access the whole music library that Google offers for a nominal fee.

If you get onboard with this idea and really have something against the same thing offered by Spotify, you can do a free month trial. The offer stands until September 15th and early birds who sign before this date will pay €7.99 in continental Europe or £7.99 in Britain. After September 15th the regular price will get up to €9.99 / £9.99.

If you are traveling outside of these countries Google will get your IP and won’t let you subscribe despite the fact that your Google account is bonded to one of the countries above. Thank Prism powered Big Brother for that.

The way thing are going subscription based content access is the future, as very few people are buying DVDs. We strongly believe that Google movie with all access is in the making, just give it some time.

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