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Xbox One must lay flat on its belly to work

by on20 September 2013

Sounds like our news editor...

While we are a couple of months away from the big launch of two hugely important devices, Sony's and Microsoft's newest gaming consoles, the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, these two companies are filling the press columns and exchanging blows on a daily basis. The latest one will definitely make Sony's life a bit easier and give it enough fuel for latest series of bashing as Microsoft's Xbox One does not support vertical orientation.

In short, Microsoft is saying that you can use and place your Xbox One any way you want as long as it stays horizontal. Sony has always put a lot of effort to make the Playstation work in any orientation or at least the two important ones, horizontal and vertical.

Speaking with Gamespot during the Tokyo Game Show, Xbox's Albert Penello noted that the Xbox One does not support vertical orientation due to the fact that the Xbox One slot-loading drive was not design for operating in that position.

This is not a big deal and it is definitely a minor issue but we are sure that Sony will jump through hoops now to show that Playstation 4 can work in that position and really put a lot of attention to it.

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