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10.9.2 OS X update breaks AirPlay

by on28 February 2014

Functionality lost with latest patch

With the release by Apple of the 10.9.2 OS X update, users have taken to the Apple Support Forums in droves to report that the update breaks the AirPlay Mirror and the extension of desktops to external displays. Apple users as one can understand are pretty unhappy about this development.

The 10.9.2 update was the patch that offered a number of security related fixes to address a number of issues like the SSL security flaw, erratic Mail behavior, SMB2 reliability and others. In addition the update added FaceTime Audio only calling and iMessage user blocking which was apparently a very much requested feature.

Apple has yet to officially reply to the AirPlay issues, but some digging and testing seems to indicate that the issue might be more centered around older Macs than the newer ones. Of course that might only be speculation at this point.

So if you happen to own an older Mac and you use the AirPlay functionality, know that you are likely to lose it if you update to the 10.9.2 release. However, if you have a choice between AirPlay and security, we would always tell you to go with security.

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