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iPhone 3G launched

by on11 July 2008


Falling for the Apple source

In case you have been in a coma for the last few months you will know that Apple launched its 3G iPhone last night.

Starting in New Zealand, the land first to see the rising sun, people with little else to do with this incarnation, who had being queuing for days, finally got their paws on Job's Mob's latest toy. Japan, where Apple has traditionally not done that well, showed fairly strong sales too.

To buy it Fan Boys had to ignore the fact that it was only much different from the earlier versions if you lived in an area with 3G coverage. They also had to swallow telco phone contracts that border on armed robbery. However it was the Fan boy's day, and you can't rob them of
their simple pleasures, it seems that Apple and their telco will do that for them.

It was also fairly clear that Apple had not made enough of the machines to even remotely go around.  Some people in the queue found that the glorious Apple supply chain, which has always done this on products that are certain to be popular, had let them down badly.

As the sun rises on America we are confidently expecting some fan-boys to resort to heavy weaponry as the shortage starts to bite. This will be particularly telling in Canada, where the telco Rogers, was charging so much that even Apple balked about giving them too much and packed off Canadian phones to the UK instead.

Generally the reviews of the new iPhone have been positive. Especially positive in the mainstream newspapers who are dubbed by Apple's press office as 'media friendly' and received a free phone a couple of weeks ago.
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