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UK plans to lock up hackers for life

by on10 June 2014

y lawbookhammer

Worked so well in the US

The UK government is drawing up new rules with will lock up hackers for life, because they are worse than murderers.

Apparently they have been so impressed by the way that the US keeps companies going by locking up huge chunks of its population for long sentences in private prisons and they want to try it in Blighty. Ministers are concerned that malicious saboteurs who use the internet to spark civil unrest are getting off too lightly under current legislation.

Impairing a computer carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. But a new offence of "unauthorised access to a computer" will be created carrying a maximum life sentence. For the record the charge of sparking civil unrest coiuld be seen as a jokey comment on Facebook if it is taken the wrong way. However it is more likely the life sentence will apply if someone gets hurt as a result of a hack.

Apparently they are worried that a lone hacker could have the potential to disrupt food supplies, telephone networks and even energy supplies by using the internet.

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