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Apple set to hire White House spinner

by on15 July 2014

Easiest job in the world

Apple is lining up former White House press secretary Jay Carney to take over as its head of PR. For those used to dealing with Apple, the role of PR manager at the obsessively secretive company is a doddle. If the media rings up all you have to say is “no comment” or “I don’t know” or “this only happens in a minority of cases.”

The rest of your time you have to organise the Nuremburg style rallies which the religion demands, and making sure that Tame Apple press organisms on command. Since Apple only deals with four of its most tame press and relies on the rest of them to copy, it is probably something you can sort out with a few calls. 

Carney is going to replace Katie Cotton, who stepped down from the position earlier this year. He worked as White House press secretary from early 2011 until June this year. Before that he was the Miami bureau chief for Time Magazine and communications director for US Vice President Joe Biden.

Carney might have been awarded the role after Apple saw that he had developed a trademark "I don't know" response to tough questions. Cook says he wants a "friendlier, more approachable" face to lead his communications team.

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