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Facebook former security boss blasts Apple’s double standard

by on26 October 2018

Former Facebook CSO Alex Stamos claims Apple is doing dirty deeds with Chinese data

While the tame Apple Press is praising CEO Tim Cook’s stance of data protection, the former security boss at Facebook Alex Stamos said there is a double standard at play.

For those who came in late, Cook lambasted many companies, saying they are weaponising data against people and societies.

Stamos, while agreeing with what Cook said, pointed out that Jobs’ Mob was doing the same thing with Chinese user data.

Stamos, called out the company over its actions to limit access to apps in China. He tweated:

"We don't want the media to create an incentive structure that ignores treating Chinese citizens as less-deserving of privacy protections because a CEO is willing to bad-mouth the business model of their primary competitor, who uses advertising to subsidise cheaper devices", Stamos said.

He said that Apple had blocked the ability to download VPN and encrypted messaging apps in China, which could provide ways to connect to the internet and send messages privately and without surveillance.


Last modified on 26 October 2018
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