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EVGA launches NU Audio dedicated sound card

by on09 January 2019

Partners with Audio Note (UK)

Although the star of EVGA's CES 2019 show was the RTX 2080 Ti Kingpin Edition, the company also used the opportunity to launch its first dedicated sound card, the NU Audio, engineered by Audio Note (UK), veterans in the audio industry.

The EVGA NU Audio uses high-quality components like silver- and gold-plated multilayer PCB, isolated dual ground planes for analog and digital circuitry, multi-stage power regulation, high-grade capacitors, and more, all in order to provide what EVGA calls "true audio, lifelike gaming, and studio and audiophile-grade sound".

Some of the key specifications include XMOS xCore-200 Audio DSP with native DSP support, 2-channel analog and 5.1-channel digital output, dedicated headphone amp, and premium components like AKM AK4493 DAC, AKM AK5572 ADC, ADI OP275 and ADI AD8056 OP-AMPs, as well as WIMA, Audio Note (UK) and Nichicon capacitors, and TI TPS7A47/TPS7A33 power regulators. Interface list includes Line Out, Headphones, Line In, Mic In, and S/PDIF Out interfaces.

The EVGA NU Audio card uses a standard single-slot card design with PCIe x1 Gen2 interface and single SATA for power, as well as comes with 10-mode RGB lighting.

According to EVGA, the new NU Audio sound card should be available as of January 16th, and there is no word on the pricing. You can check out more details over at EVGA’s NU Audio site.

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