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Sienna Cichlid GPU turns up – could be Big Navi GPU

by on02 June 2020

With your Linux driver patches you tease us AMD

A few Linux driver patches have tipped up in which AMD spills some of its beans down the chin of public exposure for its Navi 21.

A new driver file includes a new line of code that refers to GFX1030 which is Navi 21, while GFX1010 is Navi 10 while GFX1012 is Navi 14. Phoronix says that this patch confirms it's a Navi-based GPU with VCN 3.0 capabilities to handle video encoding and DCN3 update for displays.

AMD's Alex Deucher explained that the GPU is Sienna Cichlid and is a "GPU from AMD. This patch set adds support for it including power management, display, kfd, interrupts, gfx, multi-media, etc. The new register headers are really big so I haven't sent them to the list. You can view the new patches including the register headers on the following git branch".

The flagship Navi21 XTX GPU will be "similar to" the Radeon RX 5700 XT 50th Anniversary Edition graphics card, while the next one down on the list is the Navi21 XT which will replace the flagship Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card. From there is the Navi21 XL which will be "similar to" the RX 5700, while the Navi21 XE will be "similar to" the RX 5600 XT.

The leaks suggest that Navi21 will have:

  • Up to 80 compute units/5120 GPU cores
  • A die size of around 505mm²
  • 50% better performance per watt

HardwareLeaks said: "All of this remains to be confirmed but, a spec sheet like this gives AMD a real fighting chance to not only be competitive in performance but also performance per watt, an area where they were lacking in recent years. Gaming performance aside, one of the many unknown mysteries about Navi21 is pricing and AMD's plan to segment such a big GPU".


Last modified on 02 June 2020
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