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Microsoft working on ARM based 64-bit apps

by on01 October 2020

Making sure that it can do 64 bit

Microsoft is officially revealing it’s working on x64 app emulation support for Windows on ARM.

For those who came in late, Windows on ARM devices like the Surface Pro X can only run native 32- and 64-bit ARM apps, alongside 32-bit x86 apps.

Yet Vole needs to do something to fix the issue because most desktop apps, including Adobe’s Creative Suite, have moved to 64-bit x86 and many have stopped supporting their 32-bit variants.

Microsoft’s new emulation support will mean any and all Windows apps will now work on Windows on ARM. The new x64 emulation support will start rolling out to Windows Insider testers in November and should arrive in a broader operating system update next year.

Writing in its bog, Vole said that Microsoft Edge will be improved to be faster on ARM devices and use less battery. A native Microsoft Teams client is also coming to Windows on ARM, and Visual Studio Code has been updated and optimised for ARM-based devices.

Last modified on 01 October 2020
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