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Apple purges videos of its Worldwide Developer Conferences from YouTube

by on07 November 2022

Rewriting history

Fruity cargo cult Apple has conducted a “special operation” to purge YouTube of historical files from its history.

Hundreds of decades-old videos from past Apple Worldwide Developer Conferences (WWDC) were taken down from the Apple WWDC Videos channel at Apple’s request.

Brendan Shanks who ran the archive said his account’s been permanently disabled after receiving three copyright strikes — the maximum number of violations you can incur before YouTube removes your account.

Shanks says he still has the original video files and descriptions and is currently trying to get the content over to the Internet Archive.

Jobs’ Mob has made a habit of going after footage from these conferences and Apple developers have made it a hobby to preserve the footage. Product designer Sam Henri Gold made it his mission to preserve its videos. After first attempting to store them in an 80GB torrent file he tried to host the content on

Google Drive, Gold eventually created the unofficial Apple Archive in 2020.

What was included was a trove of old Apple ads, WWDC sessions, internal training videos and Apple immediately shut it down.

While the archived content is Apple’s intellectual property, Apple does seem rather too keen to suppress its own history. The only official archive is the Steve Jobs Archive, which contains emails, videos, and voice clips highlighting snippets of Jobs’ life. Even then, the site was launched in September by Jobs’ friends and family — not by Apple.


Last modified on 07 November 2022
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