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AOpen moves into mini ITX cases

by on27 June 2007

With new modular design

Almost forgotten motherboard manufacturer AOpen just launched a new mini ITX case named the Fine Cube S120. You might wonder why we even bother to cover this, well, it's because it's a rather interesting case, as it is modular.

The base will fit a standard mini ITX board and a 2.5in HDD, not exactly a lot. It has a built in 7 in 1 card reader and a pair of USB 2.0 ports on the front. Further expansion is done by adding various stackable modules to the case.

The first module will allow for an expansion card to be fitted, as it has a PCI riser inside. The next one adds a slim line optical drive and the last module houses a 3.5in SATA drive.

The case measures 198 x 198 x 78mm (WxDxH) and each expansion module is 30mm high. It also looks quite smart as it's painted in glossy black paint.

Click here for more information and a few pictures of how it all works.
Last modified on 27 June 2007
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