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Gears of War also on XP

by on11 July 2007
Confirmed at E3 07


Now it is official, the rumor that Gears Of War would be a Vista exclusive game is no more. Did Microsoft really decided to let go of the entire "Games for Windows Live is Vista exclusive" concept? It sure looks like it did.

Maybe the feedback that it got from the Shadowrun and Halo 2 "fix" for XP made Microsoft realise that it is not yet time for Vista exclusive games. Gears of War for PC will include DirectX 10 support on Vista, but it will also work on XP with DirectX 9. You can check out the "E3 2007 MS Press Conference Gameplay" video here.

This is a good thing and we are happy about it, even Viva Pinata that has been announced, will also support LIVE on Vista and XP.


Last modified on 11 July 2007
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