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New FRAPS 2.9.0 is out

by on11 July 2007


DirectX 10 and Vista support 


Fraps got boosted to version 2.9.0, and it finally got support for DirectX 10 and Vista. If you are not familiar with Fraps, be sure to check it out. Here are some of its features for those that are not familiar with it.

Fraps is an application that can be used with games that are using DirectX or OpenGL. Fraps can be used as benchmarking software, screen capture and realtime video capture.

The latest version of Fraps, 2.9.0, adds support for Vista and DirectX 10. In addition to that, it's using the new audio subsystem in Vista which allows it to directly record sound from the machine without the support from the soundcard drivers. Since Vista's Aero interface is using DirectX, the new version of Fraps adds the ability to capture screenshots and video from the desktop just like you can do in a game.

You can get the new version of Fraps here.

Last modified on 12 July 2007
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