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Microsoft admits that OneCare is flawed

by on20 March 2007

Working on a fix

Microsoft is admitting that its OneCare security suite has "a problem" with the underlying antivirus code.

Speaking to ZDNet UK at the CeBIT show in Hanover, a senior manager admitted that its consumer security product is far from perfect and that pieces are actually "missing".

Arno Edelmann, Microsoft's European business security product manager, told ZDNet UK that although OneCare was not a bad product bits and pieces were missing.

He said that its main problem lies with a core technology of OneCare, the GeCAD antivirus code, and how it interacts with Microsoft mail servers.

This means that Microsoft updates and mail server infrastructure do not harmonise. Mail received from a server running Exchange 2007, works well, but if mail is received from servers running Exchange 2000 or 2003, the likelihood of quarantining is too high.

Edelmann said that the software should never have been rolled out when it was, but they're fixing the problems now," said.


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Last modified on 20 March 2007
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