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Jobs to make big iPhone and OS4 announcement today

by on07 June 2010


Cult rally

Apple is
filling a hall with fanboys and tame journalists with the idea of giving the world an image that its new 4G iPhone and new versions of OS4 are worthwhile.

Apple’s WWDC event kicks off today with Steve Jobs giving the keynote. He’s widely expected to unveil the next generation iPhone, and well as show off more of the new iPhone OS 4.0 software. The leaked iPhone prototype has already revealed the next generation iPhone, so there is nothing to see here, move on please.

In fact Jobs might have to do something more crowd pleasing than just wave the phone to get his usual standing ovation. Well he doesn't, these events are a bit like a Tory Party political conference where you get a standing ovation for showing up.

The suggestion is that Jobs might push forward OS X 10.7 and back that with an announcement on the multi-tasking iPhone OS 4. It has been a full two years since OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) was first shown off.
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