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Nyko Tech wireless Wii remote better than Nintendo's

by on06 March 2009

Cebit 2009: And cheaper, too

California based Nyko Technologies is a specialist in the field of gaming peripherals, especially Nintendo Wii controllers, although it offers excellent products for all sorts of consoles.

With its Trans-Port technology, the company has managed to wirelessly connect its Wand controller, which is a replacement for the Wiimote, and the Nunchuck controller. Nintendo's original controllers rely on a cable connection, but thanks to Bluetooth, the Wand controller is capable of wireless duplex communication with other types of Wii controllers.


If the fact that Nyko controllers are wireless and much more practical didn't impress you, the price should, as Nyko controllers are even cheaper than Nintendo's own cable controlers. At $35 or €30, the Wand costs significantly less than the original Wiimote. Also worth mentioning, the Perfect Shot pistol add-on. You can use it one handed, for a bit more realism.


The Wand easily fits into the add-on, however, as you can see, Fudo didn't get it quite right.


You can find more info on these and other interesting gaming peripherals on

Last modified on 06 March 2009
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