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MSI to ship tablets in Q3

by on25 May 2010


Expects demand to take off in 2011

MSI has
announced that it will launch its Slatebook tablet sometime in Q3 2010. The company will cooperate with local telecoms, so the devices could be available with rather attractive data plans, or should we say payment plans.

MSI Chairman Joseph Hsu believes that demand for tablets will take off in 2011, as more applications and services geared towards the new form factor emerge. It's worth noting that MSI made quite a name for itself in the netbook market, so there is a strong chance it will also emerge as one of the stronger players in the tablet market.

The Slatebook is based on Intel's Atom Z-series processor. The compact, 800 gram tablet will run Windows 7 and it supports multi-touch input. Connectivity shouldn't be an issue, as it packs 3G, WiFi, USB and HDMI.

In addition to tablets, MSI will also introduce a number of rehashed laptops, as well as some new models. The company will also showcase new netbooks at Computex, including the U160, packed with the latest N455/N475 Atoms and DDR3.

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